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Printing Services
File Transfer
Have you done up your design in the right format?  Have you check on all the spelling?  Have you made your online payment to us?   If YES, you are ready to send the file to us.   You may choose any of the following methods to transfer the file for us to print.
How to Transfer Your Working File to Us For Printing

1.  Email your file to us at - sales @

2.  Please remember to CREATE OUTLINE your work before you send the file to us.

3.  Please allow texts to be at least 10mm from border.

4.  You can opts to send us the file via the following 3 Methods.

5.  For file over 300MB, you may need to burn us a CD.



   File Below 10MB


   You can email us directly the file to our email listed above



   File Over 10MB : Please use provider below


   1. Upload the file at and email us. (50mb and below)

   2. Upload the file at and email us. (200mb and below)

   3. Upload the file at and email us. (up to 2gb)




    File Format

    illustrator CS2, CS3  /  High Resolution of Pdf

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